Oct 19, 2010

Time table for F1 + F2 + PMR

PMR class - science 7pm to 830pm
mathematics 830pm to 10pm

Form 2 science thusday 830am to 10am
mathematics thursday 10am to 1130am

Form 1 science monday 830am to 10am
mathematics monday 10am to 1130am

Price for each subject : RM 60
Price for two subject: RM 110

Form 4 Art Stream

Saturday 10am to 1130am Science

Tuesday 230pm to 345pm Mathematics

Friday 5 to 7pm Add Mathematics

Saturday 10am - 12pm Accounts

*Price for each subject:
Science RM50
Add math RM 60
Mathematics RM45
Account RM60*

Full Package RM 205

tuition table for F4 science stream

Monday 630-8pm Chemistry, physic 8 to 10pm

Tuesday 6 to 730pm biology, 730 to 930pm add math

*Price for each subject:
Chemistry - RM55
Biology -RM55
PHysic - RM 60
Additional Math - RM 60
Mathematics - RM 45*

Full Package: RM 255
All the class wil be commenced on december*